Journey to Wellness

E. Warren

12/3/20222 min read

The journey to Wellness began with research to help my younger son in 1990. I was familiar with plant-based choices because of my Granny, a maverick in her own rights. She converted to a vegetarian diet and later embraced a vegan diet in her forties and fifties, respectively. My quest for nutrition heightened when I was uncomfortable with the side effects my son experienced from ADHD (attention deficient hyperactivity disorder) medicine. Little did I know this research would be the foundation for my life, as well.

I was diagnosed with thyroid and (2005), breast cancer (2006), and uterine cancer (2009). I chose not to accept chemotherapy. I'm not against this type of treatment, but I didn't feel lead to follow such regimen. During this scary, unsettling decision-making moment, my logic was how does the chemical know which cells to attack? Will more healthy cell be destroyed? Will I have enough healthy cells to continue the fight to survive? On the contrary, according to "about 30 billion cells are replaced daily, equivalent to about 1 percent of all cells. In 80 to 100 days, 30 trillion cells will have replenished." The more nutrient dense meals improve the health of the cells and the body. Since new cells are renewed daily, I needed to hyper nourish every day!!!

Armed with this information, I started an intense regimen of vitamin supplements and fresh smoothies and juices. My primary juice recipe was spinach, kale, cucumber, apple, beet, carrot, and pineapple. Other combinations consist of cabbage, cucumber, etc. I made smoothies that included spinach, strawberries, and mango. I didn't consume added sugar and processed foods (most of the time). I would be remiss if I said I followed this every day. It was my desire to remain steadfast to the cause, but actions are what matters. Another concern was "how do I change my routine to improve my overall wellness?"

My zest for life, zeal for knowledge, and enthusiasm to help others motivated me to submit formulas to nutraceutical labs. After years of trials, classes, holistic seminars, and sidebar conversations with seminar speakers, I had a series of quality supplements that were convenient and adjunctive therapy. Philippians 2:4 (ESV) admonishes us to, "Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others".

Health Zone was created to 'reduce recidivism by sharing information and offering quality resources to help improve one's health'. Shortly thereafter, Brother Edmund Herman, founder of Umoja Communications Company afforded me the opportunity to share wellness nuggets for ten years on Sisters in Harmony podcast. The pillars of Health Zone (HZ) are a holistic road that encompass several paths. 1) juicing and nutritional seminars, 2) a weight removal program helping others reach their wellness goals, 3) personal meal preparations for those with dietary restrictive diagnoses, and 4) HZ vitamin supplement line with over twenty products and more on the horizon.

I invite you to join me on the journey to wellness.